Guitar Lessons for All Ages

저는 스티브라고 합니다. 23년동안 기타를 쳤고, 티칭 경험은 10년 정도 됩니다.

현제 CUNY에서 음악이론 튜터링중입니다.

저는 영국 사람이지만 한국말을 할줄알아서 수업은 한국어, 영어 둘 다 가능합니다.

저의 음악 배경은 Jazz, Rock, and Pop 이고 완전 초보부터 즉흥연주 배우고 싶은 학생들까지 환영합니다.

제 목표는 기타를 가능한 빠른 시간내에 쉽고 즐겁게 배울 수 있도록 도와드리는 것입니다.

레슨은 주로 Fresh Meadows, NY에서 하지만, 원하시는 곳으로 방문도 가능합니다.

더 궁금한점 있으시면 카톡 (아이디: steveshiatsu)이나 이메일( 연락주십시오.



My name is Steve and I have been playing guitar for 23 years.

I have been teaching for 10 years and am currently employed by CUNY as a resident music theory tutor.

Born in London, England but I can hold lessons in either Korean or English.

My musical background is in Jazz, Rock, and Pop. I welcome all students from total beginners all the way to those interested in learning how solo and improvise.

My goal is to get students to enjoy playing the guitar as soon as possible.

It is my belief that when practice becomes pleasure and not a chore, students will do it often and their ability will naturally increase in a short space of time.

Lessons are held at my place in Fresh Meadows, New York.  I can also come to you for an increased rate.

Learning to play from books or online videos is not bad but nothing can replace the guidance and attention you get in a one on one session. I look forward to guiding my students through all the challenges that budding guitarists face.

Contact me for rates and availability.

Kakao ID: steveshiatsu